Live TV From Around The World – 30 Cents a Day!!!

Watch TV From Around The World

Would you like to access over 900 online TV channels and movies on demand from around the world? Well if you have at least a 5Mbps internet connection you can for about U.S. 30 cents a day?  You won’t have to upgrade to a smart TV, as any TV or computer monitor with a built in speaker and HTML connection will do the job. Just connect a IPTV box. We also include email updates, internet support information and yearly renewal services

We can also provide the IPTV box for a one time charge of U.S. $200.00 or you can provide your own, just give us your contact and MAC information and we can activate your service and email or Skype the IPTV settings to you provided it is compatible with the Wi-Fi TV service.

Anyone who has a broadband Internet connection and 10Mbps service or more can watch IPTV, you can connect the box to the internet (either via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi), and your all set to watch TV and movies on demand

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About Caribbean Len

As a small businessman living in Grand Cayman I have often found it difficult to locate specific merchandise. New residents, visitors, and tourists coming to the island have the same problem. That’s why I’ve setup the which lists your business address, contact info, the geo map address of your location. And if you’re a local business and put a student in a one day a month work experience program “IT FREE”, if not it's only $10.00 a month.