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Hang out on Anguilla for a while and almost inevitably you’ll meet Bankie Banx, the island’s reggae superstar and owner of the Dune Preserve, a combination beach bar/nightclub/restaurant/concert venue. You can’t miss him: multi-hued dreadlocks perfectly framing a bushy beard, warm smile contrasting with ultra-cool shades, and a guitar that he carries so gracefully, so naturally that it seems like an organic appendage.

You know the term, different drummer? Bankie has always marched to a different beat, and the fun funky “Planet Dune” (the fond nickname “because there’s no place like it on earth”) reflects his philosophy and lifestyle, overflowing with character and characters.

Those familiar with Banx’s story know that at a pivital point in his musical career, in 1994, Banx was arrested in Barbados for possession of a joint.  The experience is chronicled in his hit “Busted In Barbados” and inspired the career changing “Stuck In Paradise.”  The arrest led to Banx being “Stuck In Paradise” for 11 years which led to the development of The Dune Preserve and the growth of the Moonsplash Music Festival.

After returning to the U.S. in 2005 for the first time in 11 years, Banx toured every year through 2010.  After his release of Midnight In America in 2010, Banx again faced increased scrutiny in 2011 and 2012 leading to the delay of his visa each year. The frustration associated with these events and the irony of that a 18 year old marijuana arrest was being used as the basis to delay his visa led to an emotional and rich album that is “Just Cool.”

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